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Etxarrienea offers to clients a wide variety of activities combining agricultural and sport utilities.

a. Agricultural tourism

Clients have open access to the small vegetable garden where they will find seasonal products and will interact with activities such as watering or sowing. In addition to the typical vegetables in the area, a nice orchard offers a wide variety of fruit trees.

The small farmyard shows some chickens, rabbits and pigeons. Kids (and adults, of course!) may help in feeding activities and free fresh eggs are available to the clients.

b. Sport utilities

Close to the Agricultural Tourism Area, Etxarrienea has some private sport fields for the clients. In a gardened area, table tennis and petanque playgrounds are available. A multisport field is also built; there, paddle, volleyball, badminton and basketball games can be played.

For clients who love mountain biking, a set of 6 bikes is offered free of charge.